Making Money

Thinking about setting up a small business, kiosk or running a stand at the local market or school fete?  Give us a call first, as we can talk you through the best way to get started.

The most successful and experienced concessionaires are adept at selling FLAVOUR and EXCITEMENT. They understand that to do this you need to use only the highest QUALITY INGREDIENTS and PRESENTATION of the product so that it looks as great as it’ll taste!

Do not make the mistake of thinking you will get ahead in this industry by cutting corners with presentation or using cheaper inferior quality ingredients and packaging. If you are in a shopping centre you want people to be coming back every time they visit, and if you’re at a fete your goal needs to be attracting the masses with your awesome exciting fun food products! Maybe they’ll even come back for seconds, you certainly want them to have a great time so they return next time there’s a fete! They might even come back specifically looking for your fairy floss, or gourmet waffle sticks!

We are well equipped with ingredients, packaging and experience to get your concession stand/ shop/kiosk from dream to reality and are only too happy to guide you through the process of setting up.

We are only a phone call away – in Melbourne or Perth speak to James (03) 8787 0999. In Brisbane speak to Mark (07) 3712 0222. In Sydney speak to Sue (02) 9824 6444.

Or if you are able, come past one of our warehouses and see for yourself! Have a look at the equipment. Occasionally we may have used equipment to save you a few dollars. Our friendly staff will be able to offer advice on any ingredients needed and go through all the packaging options available to you to make your finished product stand out.

We have experience and a large range of fun food equipment, high quality ingredients and top notch packaging to offer so let us help get your plans off the ground and into a successful venture today!