Repairs & Spare Parts

Superpop has got you covered!

Superpop has the most experienced servicemen for concessions equipment in Australia. Our people are located in Melbourne & Sydney but we also have trained independent professionals in Brisbane & Perth who work with us on a regular basis. If you live far away, they are able to offer advice over the phone or guide your local electrician as to the best way to fix or service your machine.

Spare Parts

Superpop keeps a large array of spare parts in stock. We have been in the industry for long enough to know which parts are most likely to be needed. This is handy for you, because it means the majority of the time your wait time won’t be that long.

If we do have to order your part in, it usually takes approximately 5-7 working days for them to reach us from the USA. You then have the option of bringing the machine in to either our Melbourne or Sydney premises for us to fix or we can send you the parts for you to give to your local repairman. And we are only a phone call away if your person is a bit confused.