Party & Event Hire

Having a house party, kids birthday party or get together?

Why not do something different? How about a carnival theme?

Many of the fun food equipment hire options available at Superpop means that everyone can enjoy making their own snack such as popcorn or fairy floss. Preparing food for everyone has never been this easy. We have a large range of popcorn machines, fairy floss machines, snow cone machines and hot dog machines to suit all types of parties, big and small. Even at adult parties you might be amazed at how many guests head towards the hot dog machine at around midnight.

Call us on1800 775 945 and our friendly customer service team will show you what we have available for hire.

We can also supply the ingredients needed to make popcorn just like at the movies and that amazing quality fairy floss you had at the fete last month. Our staff will be able to advise you on flavours, how much you’ll need of each ingredient and also on packaging options.